The Objectives


  1. 1. To plan, promote and provide education and training in operations and management of banking to the officials of the member banks.
  2. 2. To undertake, organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, study courses, lectures and similar other activities relating to the banking for the benefit of member banks.
  3. 3. To promote and conduct research in the matters pertaining to: Improvement of banking operations. Education, Training and Development of banking personnel.
  4. 4. To assist banking institutions in matters such as appraisal programs, conducting morale and productivity studies, streamlining organizational structure and to review from time to time the impact of educational training and research activities and offer suggestions for filling the gaps in the banking system
  5. 5. To promote and undertake faculty development programs to assure an adequate supply of competent trainers for conducting training programs for the personnel of banking institutions
  6. 6. To maintain liaison with banking and financial institutions and educational bodies for purposes of promoting education and training for personnel of banking and financial institutions
  7. 7. To disseminate information on management know-how by undertaking and providing for the publication of journals, reports, pamphlets, and other literature and research papers and books in furtherance of the objects
  8. 8. To maintain close contact with other institutions having similar objectives, either wholly or partially, by way of collaboration, co–operation and in any other way as the society may deem necessary